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Leadership Lessons From Improvisational Comedy

by Elizabeth Cipolla | September 12, 2018

Imagine yourself as a student sitting in a classroom with your kindergarten friends. I am your teacher and I’ve just asked anyone in your class who can paint a picture to raise their hands. Not surprisingly, every child’s hand eagerly shoots into the air; including yours. Fast forward to the present. You are a business leader who has signed up for a training session focused on learning how to bring creativity and innovation into the. . .

Employee Mentoring Programs – More Than Meets the Eye

by Elizabeth Cipolla | August 15, 2018

Businesses working to succeed in their industry while striving to maximize cost savings, face a variety of challenges. Companies are always seeking the lowest-cost, highest-benefit solutions for their needs and employee development is no exception to this. Regardless of your industry or business size, your organization’s greatest asset is its people. Invest smartly in your human capital, and you will undoubtedly see payback in the form of bottom line results. Employee mentoring programs are a. . .

Managing Intermittent Leaves Under FMLA

by Elizabeth Cipolla | June 17, 2018

One of the most vexing problems facing employers who are covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act is managing employee intermittent leaves. The potential for abuse is great, but it can be curbed if an employer is diligent and willing to take measures such as those that follow. Require a medical certification that it is medically necessary to take intermittent leave. Use the Department of Labor form which requires information on minimum leave required. . .

The Workplace and Religious Diversity

by Elizabeth Cipolla | April 23, 2018

Many organizations would prefer to leave religion at home. However, it would be much wiser for them to recognize that for many employees, it’s a way of life. As we age, we become more devote. Immigrants no longer come just from Europe. And globalization requires diverse talent to penetrate diverse markets. Religion should be a core part of diversity initiatives. Yet, most companies recognize only Christian holidays. A majority of religious minorities report some form. . .

Successful HR Integration is THE Competitive Edge

by Elizabeth Cipolla | February 26, 2018

There is one common thread that exists within all businesses: the responsibility to realize an organization’s potential rests with the people it employs. The greater the contribution of the employees in every job & at every level, the greater the chance the organization will have a competitive edge. In this sense, employees are a company’s most lucrative investment in terms of ROI. Here are 6 tips to ensuring your organization has the HR competitive edge:. . .

Are You Truly Leading?

by Elizabeth Cipolla | January 2, 2018

Today’s business world is replete with professional jargon and over-used buzzwords that, in truth, don’t necessarily reflect the reality of what most companies actually experience. For example, we frequently encounter executives and top managers who boast of the high level of accountability in their organizations only to admit that the same problems continue to occur without remedy. Additionally, the term teamwork is commonly used by organizations who can’t figure out why their employees seem unwilling. . .

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