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Establishing Goals for Business Growth 

We believe the organizational development and planning process must embrace achievable targets developed through a comprehensive analysis of your organization’s culture, environment and expectations for the future. This begins with an assessment in three key areas; people, processes, and practices (outline below.) Any of these areas can constrain the organization’s ability to change into a more effective enterprise.


3 Key Areas of An Organizational Development Assessment


I. People

Our experts start with an in-depth assessment of the senior people in your organization and analyzing their current roles. Additionally, we assess each leader’s individual strengths and areas of development as well as how they perform in a team environment.

II. Processes

Our experts perform a functional analysis to ensure alignment within your organization to achieve the desired results. We review your current organizational structure and identify areas of redundancy, inefficiencies, and lack of accountability.


III. Practices

Our experts will analyze your current practices to provide an objective perspective leading to realistic recommendations that will have a direct, positive impact on your bottom line.

Cultural Surveys


The Leadership Culture Survey provides an affordable, web based, and user friendly insight into your culture as influenced by collective leadership. Results are downloadable for immediate access and provide the ability to develop an action plan.


Needs Assessments

Needs Assessments are used to identify your organization’s gaps and provide a prioritized list of where to start with realistic implementation options. Our experts will conduct a Needs Assessment which is critical in gaining employee input to assist in identifying impediments within the organization.

Behavioral Assessments

Behavioral assessments are another critical tool in organizational development. Our experts utilize a suite of assessments designed to identify an individual or team’s behavior and focus on valuing differences for both individual and team development.

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