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Establishing Goals for Businesses

Every organization, whether large or small, needs to set goals for the business that are not only for your immediate and current needs, but with a focus on future development of the enterprise. We offer many programs to help Enterprise Transformation including focusing on reshaping the structure of the organization as well as developing plans for the future betterment of the business. Through organizational analysis, roles of key individuals are redefined in accordance with the future needs of the business. Goal setting is an extremely important aspect of the planning process and can be accomplished once functional analysis and role definition are complete.

We believe the organizational development and planning process must embrace achievable targets developed through a comprehensive analysis of your organization’s culture, environment and expectations for the future. This begins with an assessment in three key areas; people, processes, and practices. Any of these three areas can constrain the organization’s ability to change into a more effective enterprise.

Three Key Areas of Assessment

I. People

We start with an in-depth assessment of the senior people in your organization and analyzing their current roles. Additionally, we assess each leader’s individual strengths and weaknesses as well as how they perform in a team environment.

II. Processes

This includes performing a functional analysis to ensure the functions within your business are properly aligned to achieve the desired results. We review your current organizational structure and identify areas of redundancy, inefficiencies, and lack of accountability.

III. Practices

Part of this process challenges you to move outside of your comfort zone. The focus is on “the right way of doing things,” not “the way we have always done things.” This is a major problem with many organizations. W can provide an objective perspective leading to realistic recommendations that will have a direct, positive impact on your bottom line.

Cultural Surveys

The LEADERSHIP CULTURE SURVEY delivers a powerful “litmus” test of your leadership culture. Used for your entire organization, or just a leadership team, the Leadership Culture Survey reveals valuable data: It tells you how your people view their current leadership culture, and compares that reality to the optimal culture they desire. The “gap” between data on the current culture and the desired outcome instantly reveals key opportunities for leadership development. Furthermore, the Leadership Culture Survey measures how your leadership culture compares to that of other organizations.


The Leadership Culture Survey provides an affordable, web based, and user-friendly insight into your culture as influenced by collective leadership. Results are downloadable for immediate access.

With the Leadership Culture Survey, you can conduct a thorough and valid assessment of the impact that collective leadership has on your culture. LCS provides you the ability to choose whether you want to assess organization culture, business unit culture or team culture. Our experts will assist as necessary in this process.

Needs Assessments

Needs Assessments are also used to identify your organization’s gaps and provide a prioritized list of where to start with realistic implementation options. HR Needs Assessments are critical in gaining employee input to assist in identifying impediments within the organization. This assessment assists in employee buy-in which is crucial for organizational change. The importance of needs assessments cannot be overstated – these assessments are designed to save both time and money in the long-term for the overall sustainability of your organization.

DISC Assessments

DISC behavioral assessments are another tool we use in organizational development. They are designed to identify each individual’s behavior and focus on valuing differences for team development. This process allows managers to quantify each individual’s personality traits and utilize these traits for individual and team development. It is excellent for team building and always improves working relationships by recognizing the communication needs of fellow team members. It is also beneficial for senior team members to utilize the DISC assessment for their own leadership development.

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