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Human Resource Management

Human capital is the foundation of any successful business, and developing leaders can sometimes be one of the most difficult functions of any enterprise. Part of our human resource management service is to help develop a program for managers and c-suite employees to follow in order to achieve greater business success by developing and deploying employees efficiently and effectively at all levels. Some of these programs can involve team building, employee engagement workshops, needs assessments, etc. All programs are customized for your organization to develop leadership skills for their employees and raise the overall human capital for the business.

Outside support is critical for entrepreneurs, who often suffer from a sense of isolation especially when trying to build a business from the ground up. Our executive coaching division provides this support through custom, individualized programs that are developed and delivered by proven experts in business, leadership, work/life balance, and relationship management to create results where they are needed most.

Leadership Development Program

J.L. Nick understands that companies must adopt an inclusive approach to strategic planning. Oftentimes, this growth needs to come from within the organization, cultivating employees that really have the passion for their work and transform that passion into a successful enterprise. By addressing the needs and interests of all levels of an organization, we develop a comprehensive leadership development plan that fully integrates your entire organization’s subject matter for a more successful business from top to bottom.

Successful organizations in today’s business climate understand that employee engagement and development is not only a worthy investment, it is essential for continuous improvement. We ensure clients adopt a full-circle approach to training in order to maximize benefits and results. This can include helping supervisors with their soft skills, communication skills, time management skills, and ultimately become a better leader. Our programs are designed and delivered to maximize positive behavior modifications and provide a unique blend of introspective self-development exercises. These are proven and tested leadership skills that identifies team value and overall development of your supervisor.

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