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Human Resource Consultants | Executive Coaching Pittsburgh, Pa.

Human capital is the foundation of any successful business, and executive coaching can be one of the most difficult endeavors of any enterprise. Part of the human resources consulting and support services we offer helps develop leadership programs for managers and c-suite employees to follow. This will help them achieve greater business success by developing employees efficiently and effectively at all levels. Our programs include team building, employee engagement workshops, development training, and needs assessments. All programs are customized for your organization to develop leaders with a focus on employee involvement and engagement.

Leadership Coaching in Pittsburgh, Pa. & Erie, Pa.

Our experts understand that companies must adopt an inclusive approach to business planning. Oftentimes, growth comes from within organizations, cultivating employees to have a passion for their work and transforming that passion into a success for the enterprise. By addressing the needs and interests of your employees at all levels of an organization, we develop a comprehensive executive leadership development plan designed and implemented for your business’ success.

Successful organizations in today’s business climate understand that employee engagement, development, and empowerment is not only a worthy investment, but something essential for continuous improvement. We assist clients in adopting a full-circle approach to development training in order to maximize results.

Leadership Development Training Modules

The success of your organization depends upon the strength of your supervisors and managers. All of J.L. Nick’s leadership development training modules are customized for your environment and are focused on executive coaching – transforming supervisors into more effective leaders. These modules are proven and tested to identify and enhance team values and executive leadership development.

This training assists leaders and supervisors with developing critical skills, including:

  • Communication skills
  • Time management skills
  • Performance management
  • Employee engagement
  • Conflict management
  • Performance/behavior modification

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