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The Search Process

The recruiting team at J.L. Nick adds value to your business by providing a unique approach to the search and recruitment process. We are the pinnacle of successful search strategies for the staffing at all levels. In addition, our proprietary process creates inherent efficiencies allowing us to find ideal candidates that are not only equipped with the required technical skills to succeed in a position, but also the behaviors to succeed within your business environment.

We understand how key roles within our clients’ organizations have great potential to positively impact the successes of their businesses and are very pleased to play a part in expertly and professionally identifying candidates who will add value to the organization and assist in achieving business objectives.

J. L. Nick & Associates, Inc. recruiting team works directly with CEOs, owners, hiring managers and HR professionals to place high caliber talent in a variety of industries and professional level occupations. Our highly personalized customer service is unparalleled, and we understand that you are trusting us to be your organization’s first impression to potential candidates. We will represent you properly and will act only in your best interest every step along the way.

Recruiting Support


Don’t let your HR department be overwhelmed by the challenges of today’s labor force. Expert recruiting support is provided by J. L. Nick & Associates when the organization:

  • Needs additional support in filling positions
  • Is unable to mine or identify qualified candidates
  • Needs additional help in processing candidates
  • Needs additional support in telephone interviews/screening

J.L. Nick & Associates provides cost effective solutions for recruiting support.

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