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The Search and Recruitment Process

The recruiting team at J.L. Nick adds value to your business by providing a unique approach to the search and recruitment process. We are the pinnacle of successful regional search strategies for the selection of human resource professionals. In addition, our proprietary process creates inherent efficiencies allowing us to find ideal candidates that are not only equipped with the required technical skills to succeed in a position, but also the behaviors to succeed within your particular business environment.

We understand how key roles within our clients’ organizations have great potential to positively impact the successes of their businesses and are very pleased to play a part in expertly identifying successful matches who will take the organization and team members to their fullest potential.

J. L. Nick & Associates, Inc. recruiting team works directly with CEOs, owners, hiring managers and HR professionals to place high caliber talent in a variety of industries and professional level occupations. Our highly personalized customer service is unparalleled and we understand that you are trusting us to be your organization’s first impression to potential candidates. We will represent you properly.and will act only in your best interest every step along the way.

Performance Management

Along with talent acquisition, we also look for ways to have those recently recruited employees be as effective as possible, and make the people around them more effective too. The key to employee effectiveness, efficiency, and engagement is performance management. We have created an effective performance management system (180°) ensuring employees at all levels receive the feedback needed from appropriate individuals, supervisors, peers, and/or team members. To be clear, this is more than just an annual performance review, a complete performance management program is the ongoing process of setting objectives, coaching, and providing the tools necessary for employees to unlock their potential and meet personal expectations and career goals.

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