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Staying Competitive in the Job Market

Today’s job market can make it difficult to attract and retain highly-qualified workers. When employees are competitively paid and recognized for outstanding job performance, they perform better overall. We design programs for businesses to stay competitive when compensating their workforce with a process that begins by determining the appropriate parameters for compensation of your employees. These parameters include understanding market value and ensuring internal parity. Employee benefits will be evaluated to determine their effect on total compensation. From here, a systematic approach is developed and implemented that provides an easy-to-administer and easy-to-understand compensation program coupled with an internal communication program to ensure employee understanding at all levels. Compensation services include:

  • External Market Pricing
  • Internal Parity
  • Salary Structure Development
  • Job Grading
  • Incentives and Bonuses
  • Compensation Procedure

Job Descriptions & Role Definition

J.L. Nick can help with defining roles of all employees within the organization. Having a clear and defined Job Description is important. Defining employee expectations must also be present. Effective job descriptions and role definition assist in recruiting, employee orientation and performance measurements. J.L. Nick’s highly qualified staff can provide support in job description formatting and completion, ADA compliance, identification of job families, and position parameters.

Employee Benefits

Our staff is comprised of benefit experts who will analyze the need for employee benefits within your organization, current benefits offered and provide recommendations as appropriate. Our objective is to provide our clients with recommendations that best fit the cash flow of the company, provide for effective employee recruitment and retention, and assist in the most cost-efficient benefit application.

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