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Staying Competitive in the Job Market

Today’s job market can make it difficult to attract and retain highly-qualified workers. When employees are competitively paid and recognized for outstanding job performance, they perform better overall. We design programs for businesses to stay competitive when compensating their workforce with a process that begins by determining the best pay philosophy and objectives for your business within your industry. From here, a systematic approach is developed and implemented that provides an easy-to-administer and easy-to-understand program all with the goal to ease communication and administration within your organization. Compensation services include:

  • External Market Pricing
  • Internal Parity
  • Salary Structure Development
  • Job Grading
  • Executive Incentives

Performance Assessments

Do you feel that there are holes in your company’s workflow? Or employees that may be underperforming? A performance assessment can help find areas to improve efficiency and gain more from your most important asset: your employees. Whether your business is a corporation, government entity, educational institution, or non-profit agency, more and more businesses are moving away from traditional hierarchical structures and moving into a team-based approach. A performance assessment can help identify which employees would make better teammates than others and overall create a more effective use of a diverse array of employee capabilities. J.L. Nick professionals have extensive experience developing and implementing these methods proven to show improved problem solving, decision making, and creativity. Let us help turn your business into a more effective, team-based machine.

Role Definition

J.L. Nick can also help with defining roles of certain individuals within the organization. A lot of that starts with having clear and defined job descriptions for each employee. Writing job descriptions may seem like a trivial task, but it is your first impression to potential candidates and ultimately a robust workforce. Effective job descriptions help reduce the time-to-fill by being brief but inclusive, prompting the right people to apply for a well matching position. Professional job descriptions can make all the difference when trying to attract top talent as well as entry-level employees, especially in the digital world where so many online job boards are filled with ambiguous positions. J.L. Nick staffs highly-qualified people with years of experience in writing job descriptions and recruiting successfully for a wide range of organizations. Another tough HR function many organizations lack aptitude in is how much to compensate their workforce to keep them happy and efficient.

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