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Staying Competitive in the Job Market

Today’s job market can make it difficult to attract and retain highly-qualified workers. Do you have a formal system for compensating employees? Is it market competitive? Is it compliant with the Fair Labor Standards Act?

J.L. Nick’s expert compensation consulting services include:

  • Market Pricing
  • Compliance testing
  • Total Compensation Analysis
  • Ensuring Internal Parity
  • Compensation System Development
  • Incentives/Bonus Systems
  • Compensation Procedure documentation

Job Descriptions & Role Definition


Do you have clear and defined job descriptions? Are they compliant? Our experts can help with defining roles of all employees within the organization and create compliant job descriptions.

J.L. Nick’s experts can provide support in:

  • Job Description formatting and completion
  • American’s with Disabilities Act compliance
  • Identification of job families
  • Position parameters

Employee Benefits


Our benefit experts will analyze your current benefits offered and provide recommendations as appropriate. Our objective is to provide our clients with recommendations that:

  • Best fit the cash flow of the company
  • Provide for effective employee recruitment and retention
  • Assist in the most cost efficient benefit application

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