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J.L. Nick focuses on one thing: helping you develop your most important asset — Human Capital. Employees are what make your organization thrive and grow. Without proper development and human resource direction, even the most accomplished enterprises can fail. J.L. Nick is here to help focus on your processes and systems that will maximize employee development and help your business gain competitive advantages. Some examples of the services we offer are executive coaching, leadership development, recruitment services, organizational development/enterprise transformation, needs assessments, employee development, HR support and compliance, human resource audits, labor relations, and compensation and benefits.

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About J.L.Nick & Associates, Inc

J. L. Nick & Associates, Inc., is your complete source for human resource and management consulting. We have been partnering with organizations to optimize employee engagement for 30 years. Our knowledgeable team of human resource professionals provides an objective perspective to your business and has a unique ability to identify needs and solve organizational challenges by tapping into your greatest asset – your people. Our services cover the spectrum, from human resources outsourcing to specific projects like leadership development, compensation analysis, or retained search. Our goal is to help you accomplish your goals, and in some cases, help you develop those objectives to help your business grow into a long-term and sustainable enterprise.

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10 Tips for Managing Intermittent FMLA Leave

Managing intermittent FMLA leave while minimizing fraud and abuse is challenging. J.L. Nick & Associates offer ten tips for making the process as smooth as possible:  Require medical certification Make sure certification is sufficient Contact the physician for verification Encourage the employee to work with you in scheduling Relocate to a position where absences are less disruptive (if applicable)  Look for obvious abuse patterns Arm your first-line supervisors with a list of questions to ask Ensure processing systems can handle tracking Implement a policy  Require recertification every 30 days What Does the FMLA Intermittent Leave Provide Employees?  One of the most vexing problems facing employers who are covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act is managing employee intermittent leaves. The FMLA allows employers some flexibility in granting different kinds of intermittent leave. Employees are entitled to take it for serious health conditions. The law also allows the use of. . .

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