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J. L. Nick & Associates, Inc. Announcing the Launch of Our New Website!

by Scott Nick | January 2, 2019

Updating our Technology to Provide Better HR Consulting Services Founded in 1988, J. L. Nick & Associates, Inc. started with one simple goal in mind–to help our clients achieve their business objectives. To us, it’s not just about delivering HR support, it’s about providing an objective outlook, identifying business needs, and generating innovative strategies to get your business to the next level through a focus on developing Human Capital. To continue taking our clients to. . .

‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly: Avoiding A Workplace Party Lawsuit

by Elizabeth Cipolla | December 13, 2018

The annual office holiday party is a time to let loose and celebrate with colleagues outside of a typical workday. It gives everyone a chance to unwind and share a laugh, while getting to know each other outside of the stressful office environment. These parties often include an indulgence on good food, music and gift exchanges; all of which are washed down with some delicious holiday cheer in the form of mixed drinks, wine and. . .

Developing Your Organization’s Untapped Talent

by Elizabeth Cipolla | November 15, 2018

As a competent leader, you probably realize the most precious assets in your organization are the people within it. Yet, few leaders invest the necessary resources to develop them. Quite often, our attention focuses primarily on investing in physical resources such as technology and equipment upgrades instead. Of course, you wouldn’t be a prudent leader if you paid no attention to technological advances in your industry. However, imagine how much more successful you could be. . .

Why Trust Matters

by Elizabeth Cipolla | October 26, 2018

Trust is the foundation of every relationship. It will make or break a marriage, a friendship, and a company. The single most important opportunity for every leader is to build trust, because from there, all great things happen: teams ignite, talent explodes, and corporate performance skyrockets! Having a theory that the human brain can focus only on three things at a time, here are three powerful trust builders: Purpose: Every employee wants to know why. . .

Breast Cancer Awareness: Getting Your Employees Involved

by Elizabeth Cipolla | October 12, 2018

This October, we have more to celebrate than unseasonably warm weather, joyful sunshine-filled days and the beauty of fall foliage. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is in full swing. You’ve probably noticed this by the pink merchandise in the stores, pink light bulbs shining outside of homes in your community, and fundraising events. Even athletes at the professional, collegiate and school-age levels are getting in on this important cause by sporting pink athletic gear. In honor. . .

The Unexpected Secret Behind Bigger Profits

by Elizabeth Cipolla | September 27, 2018

You’ve done all of the right things to grow your business according to what trusted experts and mentors have advised. You’re diligent about planning and forecasting. When it comes to customers, you do whatever it takes to please them. Hiring smart is something you take very seriously. Frivolous spending? No way. You always carefully consider the risks and potential returns before spending a dime. Competitor awareness and technological advances are also at the top of. . .

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