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It’s no secret that a company’s employees have the most potential to help it thrive and grow. Of all the assets a company may possess, it’s human capital that is often considered to be the most important. It is imperative for a company to implement proper development and human resource direction, without which, even the most accomplished enterprises can fail.

J.L. Nick is an experienced HR consulting and outsourced HR firm that helps businesses focus on the processes and systems that maximize employee development and helps them gain competitive advantages.

You may be wondering what exactly is a human resources firm, and what benefits exist for companies looking to outsource their HR? It’s exactly these questions that, when answered, help companies properly manage their human capital and lead to improved employee development.

What Kind of Services Do a Human Resources Firm Provide?

Of all the services that a human resources firm provides, the most important among these are compensation & benefits, enterprise transformation & HR consulting, leadership development, performance management, and talent acquisition.

Compensation & Benefits

Finding the right candidate for a given position is often easier said than done with many job descriptions not accurately describing the needs of the company. A human resources firm can help you create job descriptions that are clearly defined and compliant with both the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). They can also assess your company’s current benefits plan and provide recommendations as needed.

Enterprise Transformation

A human resources firm can assess key areas of your business including people, processes, and practices in order to develop a better organization that embraces achievable targets in a variety of different areas. Inefficiencies in these areas often go unnoticed for years and can hold an organization back from reaching its full potential.

HR Consulting

In a world where HR demands and workplace culture are constantly changing, a human resources firm can help companies keep track of new initiatives, programs, and regulations. These can include such things as HR audits, employee handbooks, and Affirmative Action plans. Don’t allow your organization to take on unnecessary risk by not being up to date with the latest trends.

Leadership Development

It’s well known that the success of an organization depends upon the strength of its supervisors and managers. An HR firm can help ensure a company is operating efficiently at every level through executive coaching and customized team-building exercises for employees.

Performance Management

Increasing employee engagement and productivity is imperative to an organization’s success. An HR firm can examine your current performance management system and identify areas of improvement resulting in increased employee productivity and satisfaction.

Talent Acquisition

An organization’s key roles often have the ability to provide the largest contributions to its achievements. An HR firm is able to work directly with owners, CEOs, hiring managers, and other HR professionals to place high-caliber talent in industry-specific roles. Fill your most important positions with candidates that contribute to both your company’s success and culture.

What Are the Benefits of HR Outsourcing?

There are endless benefits of an HR outsourcing firm. However, we’ve compiled the four that we believe have the potential to provide the most benefit to an organization.

Cost Efficiency

The most obvious benefit to HR outsourcing is cost-efficiency. By outsourcing, you can often remove overhead costs, such as office space for a full HR team, by picking and choosing the services that apply to your business.

Uninterrupted HR Services

HR outsourcing allows for uninterrupted HR services. In-house HR teams can sometimes become preoccupied with new laws or changes in the market, so it’s important to make sure your HR services are always operating at full capacity.

Increasing the Efficiency of Your Own HR Department

Even if your organization has its own in-house HR department, outsourcing singular HR services can greatly increase its efficiency. Compliance, payroll, and employee administration are all single services that can be outsourced.


If you’re faced with a large influx of business, it can be difficult for in-house HR teams to keep up with the demand. HR outsourcing allows you the flexibility to easily scale up and down to fit your business needs. Help your employees have confidence in your organization’s HR department no matter the current state of the business.


J.L Nick & Associates, Inc. is a full-service solution for human resource and management consulting in Pittsburgh, PA and Erie, PA. Our HR support services are ideal for both on-site and virtual support, recruiting, increased workload, HR projects, interim assignments, pending staffing decisions, integrating a new business partner through a merger or acquisition, and more. Our knowledgeable team of human resource professionals can provide you with an objective perspective to your business with the unique ability to identify needs and solve organizational challenges by tapping into your greatest asset: your employees.

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