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Performance Management

Our experts can help you to identify areas to improve efficiency and gain more from your most important asset: your employees. They will examine your current Performance Management system and provide options focused on employee involvement and engagement.

Each organization must focus on enhancing employee performance at every level. This process cannot be accomplished through the use of an employee appraisal form. It must have leaders focused on developing strengths and weaknesses for every employee and guiding them through the process of increased performance and positive behavioral modifications. Let us help turn your organization into a more effective, employee focused business.

180° Feedback System

The key to employee effectiveness, efficiency, and engagement is performance management. We have created an effective performance management system (180°) ensuring employees at all levels receive the feedback needed from appropriate individuals, supervisors, peers, and/or team members. To be clear, this is more than just an annual performance review, a complete performance management program is an ongoing process of setting objectives, coaching, and providing the tools necessary for employees to unlock their potential and meet personal expectations and career goals.

This 180° feedback system creates the opportunity for supervisors, peers, subordinates and/or work teams to provide clear and objective feedback for improved employee performance and/or behaviors. It also provides a tool for enhanced employee communication.

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