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Support for Human Resources

For HR duties that require a more dedicated, hands-on approach, we can provide on-site expertise. Today’s business environment is constantly demanding HR departments to do more with less – and with a multitude of job boards, social media options, never-ending regulations, and constant bombardment of unqualified applications – sometimes pulling in an outside consultant is the most practical option for a growing enterprise. Our interim HR support services are ideal for:

  • When a position, or multiple positions, need filled
  • Address increased workload
  • Complete specific HR projects
  • Pilot a new division or business unit
  • Integrating a new business partner through a merger or acquisition

There are several other HR tasks where J.L. Nick can be of assistance and handle professionally on behalf of your organization. Everything from employee handbooks and writing policy to Affirmative Action Plans, we have you covered!

J.L. Nick’s HR Tasks

Human Resource Audits

A human resource audit is utilized to assess the organization’s human resource programs, practices, and procedures. HR Audits also analyzes the current human resource program and ensures it matches all legal requirements and follows industry best practices. Areas of improvement in legal compliance, best practice, and process improvement are identified and specific recommendations are provided as part of the audit.

Employee Handbooks

An employee handbook is very important – organizations have an obligation to inform their employees of expectations and company policy. This helps employees to become productive team members and the handbook informs them of reward systems, benefits, and special programs they receive by meting job and policy requirements. These are the two main objectives in developing the employee handbook. If you’re asking “what should be in an employee handbook?” then please contact us to learn more about our structured and participative approach to improve communication with your workforce through an employee handbook.

Outplacement Program

J.L. Nick & Associates provides an outplacement program directed toward meeting the needs of the community. The objective is to assist displaced employees in their job search and to mitigate litigation. This can be especially useful when an organization is downsizing or forced to layoff employees. Current and ex-employees are the best public relations, and if they have a positive outplacement experience, chances are there will be less negative perception generated in the community as a result.

Affirmative Action Plans (AAPs)

Affirmative Action Plans (AAPs) are required for certain businesses dealing with federal and state government programs. For example, if your business is doing at least $50,000 worth of business with the federal government and employ at least 50 people, then a written affirmative action plan is required to have on file to stay in compliance with the Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974 (VEVRAA) as amended by the Jobs for Veterans Act in 2002. Basically, an affirmative action plan is a program ensuring an equal employment opportunity for a contractor’s workforce and that it reflects the gender, racial, and ethnic profile from the surrounding area. Affirmative Action programs includes specific steps for the employer if minorities are considered to be underutilized, and also include internal auditing to show progress towards achieving a compliant workforce. Not sure if your business is required to have an Affirmative Action Plan? Contact one of our exports to learn more. Affirmative Action Programs can be outsourced to J.L. Nick and continuing support can also be provided in the event of an OFCCP Audit and also in filing EEO-1 and VETS-100 reports.

Labor Relations & Union Avoidance

J.L. Nick has extensive experience in labor relations advising clients on many different areas of union-management relations. Anytime a new contract negotiation starts, we can provide valuable information to help prepare management and resolve any employee grievances up front and prevent differing interpretations of a union contract. Human resource management is imperative for keeping a positive and productive workforce and preventing a union from gaining support amongst the employees. Employees need to feel their work environment is a fair and consistent one, and clearly communicating this to the workforce as well as letting them share in the profits during successful times can go a long way in keeping a union from forming. Having an HR strategy and creating ‘open-door’ policies where employees can trust management enough to discuss problems is imperative for long-term success of the business.

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