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HR Services Pittsburgh, PA

Today’s business environment is constantly demanding HR departments to do more with less – and with a multitude of HR initiatives, programs, never-ending regulations, and constant pressure of talent management – sometimes pulling in an outside consultant is the most practical option for a growing enterprise. Our HR support services in Erie, PA are ideal for:

  • On-site or virtual support
  • Recruiting support
  • Increased workload
  • Completion of HR projects
  • Interim assignments pending staffing decisions
  • Integrating a new business partner through a merger or acquisition

There are several other HR initiatives where J.L. Nick can provide professional assistance for your organization. Everything from employee handbooks, Compensation, Employee Development to Affirmative Action Plans, we have you covered!

HR Services Pittsburgh, PA

HR Consulting in Pittsburgh, Pa. & Erie, Pa.


Human Resource Audits

Companies should always strive to be improving and enhancing the functions of their HR support services. J.L. Nick provides Human Resource Audits that can help you review your current HR policies, procedures, documentation, and systems to better identify the next step in human resources for your organization and employees.

Employee Handbooks

An effective Employee Handbook is imperative for all organizations to inform their employees of what is expected of them – and, what they can expect from the company. If you’re wondering what should be in an employee handbook, please contact us to learn about our structured and participative approach.

Outplacement Program

Our Outplacement Program is designed to assist displaced employees in their job search. Our experts provide counsel and guidance to ensure a successful transition.

This can be especially useful when an organization is downsizing or forced to lay off employees. Our professional outplacement program will provide valuable assistance to the affected employees while ensuring the maximum comfort for remaining employees and sustaining the organization’s reputation within the community.

Affirmative Action Plans (AAPs)

Affirmative Action Plans (AAPs) are required for certain businesses dealing with federal and state government programs. If your business is doing at least $50,000 of business with the federal government, and employs at least 50 people, then a written AAP is required to have on file to stay in compliance. As part of our HR support services, J.L. Nick can help find the best AAP to fit your company.

Labor Relations

J.L. Nick has extensive experience in labor relations. For years, we have advised clients on specific areas of union-management relations, including developing bargaining plans for contract negotiations, grievance processing, and contract language interpretation.

Union Avoidance

Developing a human resource support service focused on employee engagement and involvement is important for keeping a positive and productive workforce, and to prevent a union from gaining support amongst employees. It is imperative that employees feel they are treated fairly, and are consistently valued by the company. J.L. Nick provides proactive HR support services and fosters work environments that are conducive to employees trusting those that are running the business.

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