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Businesses in our regions are experiencing the challenges presented by the economy. Now that most areas are, or soon will be, in the “green phase” of reopening, the economic landscape, while hazy, is coming into focus. Many business owners and leaders are re-thinking what their organizations look like as they compete in an emerging environment. This week, J.L. Nick & Associates is introducing Enterprise Transformation, the process of holistically and objectively evaluating your organization and, if needed, evolving or modifying the processes, functions, and behaviors that define your business.

The two most important questions business owners and senior leaders can ask themselves today are very simple: What are we going to do as an organization, and how are we going to do it? Honest and thorough answers to these questions will likely lead to a much deeper examination of your business, its processes, and people. Whether this assessment yields small alterations, radical changes, or something in between, Enterprise Transformation ultimately results in commonly understood and strategically sound functional processes and employee behaviors that can translate into success in challenging environments. Be aware, however, that lack of objectivity can be a significant barrier.

Enterprise Transformation consists of two primary components: Functional/Organizational Analysis and Executive Team Evaluation and Coaching. These components can occur concurrently or consecutively. By conducting both at the same time, business realignment occurs much more quickly. When they occur one after the other, however, resource costs (time and money) can be spread out. Either way, it is critical that ownership and leadership commit to the process and have an active discussion concerning the most appropriate sequencing for their business.

  • Functional/Organizational Analysis consists of assessing the processes and tasks associated with every function within the organization. Assembling a strong and thorough understanding of every department or area and corresponding responsibilities, as well as defining performance levels, offer insight into opportunities. Is there functional or procedural redundancy? Is there any overlap? Are there a key, or perhaps overlooked, functions or processes for which nobody has responsibility? Redefining or perhaps re-establishing clear expectations for an organization’s functions, processes, and procedures enables a business to more effectively move forward from a position of strength.
  • Executive Team Evaluation and Coaching is the process by which leadership evaluates all of the players in an organization. It includes creating clear definitions of success for every function in the business. Every employee is then evaluated to ensure they exhibit the behaviors and performance demanded of their role. This process can be difficult, especially where leaders and employees have worked together for a long time, as personal relationships can challenge objectivity. It may be that over time, leaders simply give up on trying to alter some behaviors or establishing new expectations. Either way, it is important that all leaders become high-performing key players. The organization should also be aligned so that key staff’s roles and responsibilities are identified and defined, leading to accountability. Employees who are positioned for success will, in turn, position the organization for success.

J.L. Nick & Associates is an experienced partner in the process of Enterprise Transformation and Executive Team Evaluation and Coaching. We bring experience, objectivity, and efficiency to what can be a difficult and emotional process. This transformation process begins with an informal no-cost discussion with decision-makers to define if either of these programs is appropriate for your organization.

Wishing you good health and success,

John L. Nick, President, and Founder J.L. Nick & Associates, Inc

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